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About Us

Jeff Cottle, owner and lead trainer at K9Scentsations, started his professional career in January 1980 when entering the US Air Force. He joined the career field of the Security Police/Security Forces and retired in January 2000.  

During his career, his responsibilities included all aspects managing the conduct of personnel, canine patrol work and narcotic/explosive detection canine search team operations. He ensured canine handlers understood the physical and psychological characteristics and capabilities of their dogs, basic principles of training and advantages of employing dog teams. As a key liaison 

Jeff established training operations with law enforcement agencies and insured management of multiple canine support facilities. Some of the agencies of support included the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Customs, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Navy District of Washington, The Pentagon, HMX-1 Presidential Helicopters and many others. Additionally, he provided support as an Anti-Terrorism Advisor for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Jeff provided US Air Force Headquarters with status reports of the military working dog program.  He attended Department of Defense (DOD) meetings and worked hand in hand with other Major Command Representatives within the DOD in making minor and major changes to the Military Working Dog field, creating a better product for units to ensure the safety of military installations both nationally and internationally.


After the Air Force Jeff immediately went into private security canine work as an explosive detection canine handler and the Senior Project Manager/K-9 Program Director. In 2015 Jeff became a contractor to the USAir Force in Saudi Arabia training military working dog handlers in patrol and explosive detection. 


Because of his love for working dogs, Jeff joined the National Association of Canine Scent Work. NACSW and Canine Co-Pilots where he provided one on one training scenarios and brings a vast amount of life experiences and an overwhelming love for the canine detection field. He brings enthusiasm, behavior problem-solving, improvised, and easy to understand approach to fixing deficiencies.

In March 2019 Jeff became a Judge for NACSW and enjoys seeing the competitors and their canine partners compete in the detection field where he has given over 4 decades of his life in the canine field.


Jeff published an article in an EOD magazine “Detonator” titled “False Response problems don’t have to remain false response problems.” 


American Board for Certification
in Homeland Security

CHS, Level V

Certified FEMA
IS-800.B National Response Framework


Certified National Incident Management

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